Facial Moisturizer Challenge

October 4, 2013

I am writing about my homemade facial moisturizer, inspired from crunchy betty (www.crunchybetty.com) loads of wonderful natural and homemade crunchy stuff.

I did the argan oil + rosehip oil + a few drops of geranium essential oil all of which i ordered from amazon.com

Today is day one of using this moisturizer, as i should have done a couple of weeks ago!
Lets see if there will be a difference :) and for me to keep on doing it until it becomes a good habit!

This is me before i put on the oil mixture on my face:


And this is me after i put on the oil. Not much difference of course, its just the first day!
But i felt wonderful on my face :) plus it smells wonderfully!


We’ll see if i can keep up with my own challenge!
Be back tomorrow!


October 6, 2013

Skipped day two but did early morning moisturizing before going out the next day!
I was too tired to wash my face and put on my home made moisturizer and so the next morning i woke up, I did!

I took a photo of myself in the afternoon tho’

And then i asked my son to have a photo with me


October 7, 2013

And then today, i did another moisturizing before going out on a monday morning! Here it is!


And a photo of my baby before i went out:


October 8, 2013

I am not keeping up to my challenge!
I just washed my face with honey, another thing i learned from crunchy betty!

We got two dogs today! We borrowed my niece and nephew’s dogs, had them groomed before we brought them home and i’m very happy about them!

October 9, 2013

I did it today! I put on my sweet smelling facial moisturizer! As proof, here is my photo:


Earlier today, my son and i walked the dogs! Names are Ziggy and Friday!
Ziggy was walking alongside me and when the sidewalk was wet, he would go to the road and skip the wet part and then back to the sidewalk!


Shabbyprincess.com Blog Template Challenge

My Family

This is my layout using Shabby Princess’ SP_EasyAsPieTemplate_BlogTemplateChallenge28. Link here. All credits goes to Shabby Princess digital papers and elements. I’m always at the look out for Shabby’s new template challenges! And their gallery is great! Go on and visit their website! I’m a big fan!

The font I used here is CK Ali’s Hand. I love this font!

Old Digital Scrapbook Layouts

Here are some old very simple layouts i did. I thought back then they were great, look at how the digital world has evolved since then!

Edited Photos

At the soccer practice

At the soccer practice

This is a photo of my son max in one of his summer activities last May – June 2011. I’ve forgotten which effects i used in Photoshop cs4, i liked it as it turned out and then multiplied it with the paper background taken from Rhonna Farrer – Express yourself Kit taken from Shabby Princess free kits!

Max and his giraffe

This photo was taken May 10, 2007! Funny how time flies! In this photo, Max just woke up and he wants to give me his giraffe before getting in the car. It was my first time to do this kind of editing thru Photoshop. Nowadays, there’s tons of ways on how to do this. The easiest i think though, is duplicating the layer in Photoshop, make the top layer B&W and then grab your eraser tool and erase on the giraffe’s face carefully on the edges  and you’ll get this great effect! This is my favorite effect by far. It still looks like magic to me.

Out of the box

The tutorial i got from this July 2007 photo was very hard to follow for me. At that time, i was still new at Photoshop and  the steps were quite difficult. I call this the out of the box photo and it has its own great effect. Let me check if i can still find that tutorial.

Focus on Mr Potato Head

This tutorial, was probably done at about the same time with the photo above, only this is putting on a mask and then outlining a shape to focus an object. I had  quite a hard time doing this before too. Again, i’m going thru all my files to see if i still have the tutorial for this. Then again, there might be tons of ways and easier to do this effect in the internet nowadays.

Quartering Photos

This effect i learned from Jessica Sprague. Link here. It’s called cutting in quarters. She had this amazing free class and i was very lucky to have joined a couple.

Adding photo using shapes and text in a path tutorial

This is another of Jessica Sprague’s free tutorial. There are others i would like you to see, they are in my facebook album. Link here.


Have a look-see at my digital scrapbook pages!

I’ve long been trying to start a blog, finally after endless prodding from my twin, I finally got to start. Hope you like the layouts scraplifted from my favorite digital scrapbook websites! I will name them as you view the pages.

I will also post some photos i edited using Photoshop. have fun!


This layout was taken from Shabbyprincess.com blog template challenge. As you can see from the caption above it said Challenge no.17, that was released September of 2011! I was late in submitting this layout hence it sat in one of my desktop folders forever! Still one of my favorites nonetheless :) All the papers and elements were taken  from Shabby Princess’ free kits! you will surely love them as I do!


This unfinished layout was done using Shabby Princess’ blog challenge no.16! That’s August 2011 (as you can see from the photo). Again all elements and papers from Shabby Princess’ free kits! I love this layout too, though unfinished, my sweet boy shows so much fun in this layout.

summer periodic table

My twin sister and I tried to make a scrapbook layout using the periodic table as an inspiration. She found this inspiration from the Big Picture Classes website. This layout is my son’s during his summer of 2011.

1st day of school

This page was done June 2011. My max was walking to our parking lot and i grabbed these photos of him. I scraplifted this layout from Two Peas in a Bucket gallery. Link here. Loved this layout by Amy Heller!  Elements and papers are not mine, they were taken from free kits i collected from ages ago, i will post their links soon. Mostly i get my other digital elements from Craft Crave. I go thru them one by one everyday when i had more time. That was how addicted I was with digital scrapbooking!


I made this layout from the time stamp on the photo, August 11, 2007.

I got this stamp frames from Sunstream Designs. The title was made from Hand stamped alpha by Michelle Coleman. Love that alpha, it has been so long, i can’t find the alpha anymore in my hard drive :(

Bob and Max

This layout i did ages ago! The photo was dated Jan, 2007. This was when i first started discovering how to multiply photos with the background pages! It was amazing!